Skating teaches students at Lufkin's Anderson Elementary that exercise is fun

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Anderson Elementary in Lufkin is defining the new idea of physical education.

That's right, kids from grades three to five have been putting on their roller skates, knee pads, and helmets. They have been learning that working out can sometimes be fun.

Every day, kids at Anderson Elementary not only get to do "the Harlem Shake." They also get to skate in circles to the hits of the day.

"I wanted to bring this to Anderson because I wanted to focus that they can have a lifelong activity," said Aby Goff, a PE teacher at Anderson Elementary. "They don't have to focus on a team sport, and when they grow up, they can do this with their family, and they can find other ways to be active at home."

Thanks to a little help from parents and donations from Skate Time in Dallas, the kids have been pulling on these orange and tan skates, purple knee pads, and helmets, and they have been learning that falling is sometimes OK.

"We are learning to … if you fall down get right up," said 9-year-old Michael Rasmussen "Always wear your gear. Don't hang onto someone else if you're falling and never take off your pads."

Goff said that safety is a priority.

"I'm trying to teach them how to be a safe skater, how to be able to skate around others without getting hurt, and teach them that exercise comes in many forms not just in team sports and that they can do this at home," Goff said.

Jasmine Nicole Taylor said she's learning a lot.

"Like when you skate at home - it tells you the rules like how to be safety and stuff," Jasmine said.

And the kids favorite activity?

"Probably limbo," Karlee Daniels said.

"Like it goes very low and stuff," Derrick Lathan said.

Going low in these skates proved to be a little difficult, but it was putting smiles on their faces.

"They cannot wait to throw those shoes off and put those skates on, and they're sad when it's done," Goff said.

Monday will be the last day for the skating portion of the PE class, but Goff said all the kids got coupons to Skate Ranch in Lufkin.

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