Central High School hosts 2nd annual avid scholarship run

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - EarlySaturday morning over 100 runners hit the pavement with cold hands and warmhearts running to make college a possibility for avid seniors at Central highschool.

"Justtrying to get all the help we can get to help us go to college," said KarinaJacobo, Senior, Avid Student.

Thisis the second year for the high school to host the cold hands warm hearts, funrun, 5k and 10k.

PrincipalRichard Nash says 11 seniors are graduating from the avid program this year andwhat the programs does, is give students a little extra help in reaching theireducational goals.

"Takingstudents who have the desire and the ability to go and be successful in collegebut may need an extra push," said Nash.

About70 junior and high school students are in the program including senior KarinaJacobo.

Jacobo says she has learned various skillslike organizing; note taking and received the helped she need in areas shestruggles with.

"Mypre-cal class is pretty hard and it was nice having that tutor there everyTuesday and Thursday and it really helped me get through the class," saidJacobo.

Avidstudents have to take an avid class and also have the opportunity to learn on acollege campus.

"Theyalso have to take AP, honors classes and a lot of our students when they reachtheir junior year they'll do duel credit classes with AC," said Nash.

Jacobosays she will graduate with 47 hours of college under her belt and hopes tocontinue her college career and earn a four year degree.

Andofficial say that's the whole idea, helping students achieve academic successnow to push them further in the future.

Officials hope to give each student a $500 scholarship to gotowards college expenses.

The students do have to show proof that they are enrolled in afour year school.

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