Schools Taking Preventive Measures to Fight Flu

Due to the vaccine shortage, area schools are taking no chances. They are taking a pro-active approach to fighting the flu.

Students at Kurth Primary are learning an important lesson. Washing your hands thoroughly and often can help fight germs. Experts recommend children wash their hands for ten seconds, just enough time to sing the Happy Birthday song.

Kurth Primary Principal Karen Montes said, "With the flu vaccine shortage, we certainly are paying very close attention to make sure the children are practicing good healthy habits. You know that we do have a lot of spreading of germs and we want to make sure that the children are healthy and that they stay at school."

Washing hands is just one way to make sure the kids practice good healthy habits.

If teachers notice a child with flu-like symptoms they are quick to react.

Montes said, "Certainly, if children do get sick we take their temperature and we contact their parents. We isolate them from the other children, so that the other children won't get sick because as you know in a school germs spread very quickly."

This proactive approach to fighting the flu has two major goals. Keeping healthy children in school and unhealthy children at home.

Montes said, "We want our children to be healthy and we want them at school. In order for that to happen, we need to make sure that they do everything they can to stay healthy, and one of those is washing hands. It's easy but it does work."