Court Date for Oklahoma's Most Wanted Fugitive Found in East Texas

One of Oklahoma's most wanted fugitives, who was caught in East Texas, will not have his day in court next week, as originally planned.

The trial for murder suspect Scott Eizember will have to wait until February of next year, because of a change of venue.

Eizember led police on a month-long manhunt last year that ended in East Texas. He is accused of killing an elderly Oklahoma couple last October and assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her teenage son.

After being on the run for more than a month, Eizember is accused of stealing a car and driving to Arkansas. There, he kidnapped a doctor and his wife and forced them to drive to Texas. When they were just south of Diboll, the doctor was able to grab a gun hidden in the car and shoot Eizember.

He was arrested a short time later. Scott Eizember has pleaded not guilty to the two counts of first-degree murder.