Freezing rain and icing concerns are possible on Tuesday

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - In what seems like the never-ending winter, we will have another chance for wintry weather arrive to the Piney Woods again on Tuesday morning.

The cold rain that is currently ongoing, will continue through the evening and overnight hours as temperatures will remain above freezing.

We will then see the cold rain turn into a freezing rain on Tuesday morning, should our surface temperatures dip down to 32° or lower.  This one variable will dictate whether or not we just experience a cold rain or end up with some icing concerns.

Timing It Out

Now-6am:  Any precipitation ongoing from now through 6am on Tuesday will be in the form of a cold rain.

6am-10am:  This is the time-frame where our temperatures could get to freezing.  If any precipitation is ongoing at this time and we are below 32°, then freezing rain will ensue, leading to some icing on bridges, overpasses, area roadways, and possibly power lines and trees.

10am-10pm:  With surface temperatures expected to climb above freezing by the late morning hours, we will transition back to a cold rain for the remainder of the day.

10pm-6am Wednesday:  As we drop down below freezing again on Tuesday night, another round of wintry weather is possible as we change back over to freezing rain possibly mixing in with some sleet.

6am-8am Wednesday:  Any precipitation out there will be moving east of our area as skies begin to clear out.

Icing Accumulations

At this time, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for most of our counties in Deep East Texas.  This means that icing accumulations will be less than 0.25", should we see freezing rain develop.  If ice totals were to be higher than 0.25", then we will be upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning.

The main thing I want to emphasize is that any freezing rain that takes place will be around daybreak and shortly thereafter.  I don't anticipate any freezing rain during the overnight hours; just a cold rain.

Because the temperature profile above our heads is going to be above freezing, we will not see snow with this event.

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