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Mascot costume helps soldier surprise her unsuspecting parents

Martin's Mill, Texas -

Nothing generates warm feelings like a loved one returning home, but in the case of Kaylee Hillhouse's return, it generated a scream.

She surprised her mother by coming home early, and the way she did it was sort of a horse of a different color.

The plan that caused the scream was pretty devious. Kaylee Hillhouse has been serving with the Navy in Afghanistan for the last eight months, and was due to come home to Walton, Texas, in February. Her mother, Amy Hillhouse, thought it would be fun to surprise the rest of the family by telling everyone she would be coming home two weeks later than she really was.

Amy's sister Becky Sparks, who works for Martin's Mill schools, helped Kaylee turn the tables on Amy.

"We have two old Mustang suits which is our mascot here in Martin's Mill, so they said we could use one of them," Sparks said.

"I knew that we were there for my brother-in-law's surprise birthday party, but my little sister, Laci, kept telling me 'I've got a big surprise planned for Becky.' She said, 'you're gonna die,'" Amy said.

Fortunately she didn't, but she was extremely surprised.

"She surprised us all. Me and her dad had no clue. It was the best surprise I've ever had in my life," Amy revealed.

Amy said she doesn't remember screaming, she just sort of did it. And Kaylee had a similar experience in the Mustang suit.

I vaguely remember it, because I was so excited to see my family after nine months of not seeing them, and finally get to see someone that knows you inside and out. It's awesome," Kaylee said.

Kaylee says she plans on doing it again next time she returns home, but will somehow come up with a way to top it.

Kaylee will be on leave until April, so she has some time to get reacquainted with civilian life and spend some quality time with family. She also says she's realized while overseas how much she cherishes her time at home.

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