Autopsy report on emaciated Lufkin baby says the manner of death was 'homicide'

Dequisha Jackson and Isaiah Tolliver (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Dequisha Jackson and Isaiah Tolliver (Source: Angelina County Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An autopsy report released to East Texas News Tuesday revealed that theseverely emaciated 2-month-old baby boy who weighed only 5.6 pounds when hedied at a Lufkin hospital on Oct. 11, 2013 died as a result of malnutrition anddehydration and ruled that his death was a homicide.

"The manner of death was homicide due to child neglect," the last line ofthe autopsy's conclusion stated.

The autopsy was performed by a forensic pathologist at the SouthwesternInstitute for Forensic Sciences in Dallas.

An Angelina County grand jury indicted a young Lufkin couple on murdercharges in connection to the death of Imauri Jackson, the 2-month-old baby boy,in December 2013.

The indictment listed three possiblefelony charges - first-degree murder, manslaughter, or child endangerment.Katrina Carswell, a prosecuting attorney for Angelina County, said in aprevious East Texas News story that the three charges will give jurors a widerange of choices when the couple's cases go to trial.

"Because we always want to maximize our efforts in prosecuting criminalbehavior, it's not unusual to explore all our options based on the evidence andthe legal significance of that evidence," Carswell said.

First-degree murder carries a punishment range of five to 99 years or lifein prison. A person convicted of manslaughter, a second-degree felony, wouldface anywhere from two to 20 years in prison. Endangering a child, which is astate-jail felony, carries a punishment range of six months to two years.

Dequisha Jackson, 18, and Isaiah Tolliver, 19, were each indicted on astate-jail felony charge of child endangerment. Both of them are still beingheld in the Angelina County Jail. Each person's bail was set at $25,000.

According to the arrest affidavit, an LPD officer was dispatched to 1500Williams Street at approximately 10:14 a.m. about an unresponsive newbornchild. It was reported that the child wasn't breathing.

The officer arrived on the scene at about the time EMS personnel were takingthe infant, Imauri Jackson, to Lufkin's Memorial Hospital. The child's motherwent with them.

The child was pronounced dead at Lufkin's Memorial Hospital a short timelater. Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace Billy Ball ordered an autopsy be performedon the baby.

The arrest affidavit stated that another LPD officer was on hand at thehospital as doctors and nurses were treating the baby. According to the secondLPD officer, Imauri "was very thin and gaunt, his ribs and other bonesshowing." The officer and the medical staff assumed Imauri was a prematurebaby, the affidavit stated.

When a hospital staff member asked Jackson how premature her baby was, shereplied that she had carried him full term, 9 months and that he had weighedmore than 6 pounds when he was born.

"As part of his treatment, Imauri was weighed by hospital staff andfound to weigh in at 5.6 pounds, including various medical devices which wereattached to him," the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, Dr. Melissa Handley, the attending physician,said, based on her observations, Imauri suffered from severe malnutrition. Thedoctor said the malnutrition could have contributed to the baby's death.

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