Special report: Science of Attraction

Take our love quiz (yes, love quiz.) Which of the above men is more attractive?
Help us in our study today as we finish up our reports on The Science of Attraction by voting here. Then, be sure to watch at 6 and 10 tonight to see the results!

Also at 6, Leigha Hughes introduces you to Lulu, a black-mouth cur who wants to be your valentine!

San Augustine County is now armed with extensive research on the lacking social services for the poor, ill, old, young, and uneducated in that county. A community needs assessment conducted by SFA's school of social work was presented to county officials today. Donna McCollum has been following the study for the last three years. At 6, she brings you up to date on the plan that's already  leading to a change.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor