West Sabine students tackle the issue of bullying

PINELAND, TX (KTRE) - The issue of bullying inside the classroom has become amajor concern across the nation. Some very talented Deep East Texas studentsdecided to tackle the issue with a self produced lip dub video.

The video was done to the song "Gold" by contemporaryChristian artist, Brit Nicole. The Family, Career and Community Leaders ofAmerica (FCCLA) students at West Sabine High School said it took three days ofplanning and two tries to get the video perfect.

"The song really relates to the bullying of boys and girls,"FCCLA President Kaitlyn Neal said. "You're worth more than gold, which meansyou are worth more than what you seem like. It can teach you to not let stuffget to you."

The students included most of the junior high and highschool with around 250 student participating. The students that participatedsay that they never had an issue with doing it.

"I thought it was a really good idea, senior Chelsey Nicholssaid. "Personally, I have been bullied and I feel there is a need for somethingto be done, because you never know when those last hateful words you say couldbe the last words that that person hears."

We also realize that it is not just our school," Neal said."We thought if we did a video, we could put it on youtube and people couldwatch it and see that there is a problem."

The FCCLA students were actors in the video and said that itwas hard to take on the part of the bully.

"You kind of have that anger a little bit, and it's a totallydifferent role just being given and you just try your best not to take it outof proportion," Nichols said.

When the video was shot by two Pineland residents and presented tothe students, the group said it was hard to see how they acted in the video.

"When I watched it, I started crying," freshman Madison Stancombsaid. " It was totally different."

They also hope that there video is not just something cool towatch, but actually presents a good message.

"People think that it is just a joke, freshman Katelyan Lane said."I've been bullied and it's not a joke. It hurts. Why would you even say it ifyou were just joking?"

The students have submitted the video to the FCCLA National officein Virginia. They are hoping that the video is used for the "Stop the ViolenceCampaign".

To see the complete lip dub video, click here.

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