Fate for Jasper native Savion Wright revealed on American Idol

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The end has come for Jasper native Savion Wright as the American Idol judges decided Thursday night to cut his journey short on the reality show.

The 21-year-old Baylor University student seemed to be completely taken aback by the judge's decision. A few moments before the judge's gave him the crushing news, Wright seemed in good spirits walking into the room playing his Ukulele.

Wright has been one of the most prominent songwriters on the show thus far, showcasing his original works on each episode. During one of the first episodes of Hollywood Week, Wright sang an original number called "Breathing Underwater," which he dedicated to his late brother, Alfred, who was found dead in Hemphill on Nov. 25.

Earlier in the episode Wright said he was going to stay true to himself saying "before my brother died he told me to do me, so that is what I was doing, I'm doing me."

In a recap of Wright's performance from the night before, Harry Connick Jr. is shown telling J.Lo that he thought Wright's singing was flat. The judges said they loved the fact that Wright came into the judging room playing the Ukulele and that they love his originality but ultimately, they had to say no to him making it into the Top 30 this year. They did tell him to return next year.

Shortly after Thursday night's episode, Wright took to his Facebook page writing a letter to his fans and friends.

"Thank you so much everyone for the love and support throughout this journey. If you didn't see, throughout all of Hollywood Week, I stayed true to myself like my brother Alfred told me to do before my family and I lost his amazing soul to injustice," Wright said. "Artistry is defined as 'the creative skill of an artist, writer, actor or musician.' And I can say that with a head held high and proudly, that I was an artist the whole time there. Every time I went on stage I was confident in myself and happy at the choices I made. I don't regret practicing and perfecting my craft for 8 years, because I know that in doing that it made me the person I am today. An ORIGINAL."

Wright went on to say that there are plenty of musicians who auditioned for idol and made it without the show like Colbie Caillat, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, and Amber Riley from Glee.

Nearly 600 people liked his post within the first hour of it being on his page, and 114 people commented on it expressing their anger and sadness over the judge's decision.

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