Lufkin Police Chief talks retirement and life after Lufkin PD

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For the past five years Lufkin Police Chief Scott Marcottehas called this desk at second home.

But with 25 years of law enforcement experience under hisbelt, his time with the department is coming to an end.

"It's been verychallenging but very rewarding," said Marcotte.

Marcotte announced his retirement on February 5thhis last day will be in two weeks, on the last day of the month.

Marcotte says he's thankful for a long career in Lufkin butis ready for a change of pace.

"Texas often leadsthe nation in the number of officers that are killed in the line of duty forthe nation, it hasn't happened in Lufkin but it wears on you after a while,"said, Marcotte.

Marcotte says there are many highlights in career with thedepartment but he was more excited about the teamwork between officers anddeveloping a formula that has helped the department better serve the community.

"Hiring the right people.Training them properly, equipping them properly and supervising them properly,"said Marcotte.

Marcotte says he's accepted a position as safety compliance officerfor a private company that builds oil field locations

"A new set ofchallenges and a new set of opportunities and I'm looking forward to it," saidMarcotte.

But he doesn't plan on wasting any time.

"I'm going toactually retire on a Friday and go to work on Monday," said Marcotte.

And is keeping all of his option open.

"I'll never say neverthere might be a chance I do get back into law enforcement it's a career that'sbeen good to me and it's a career that I love," said Marcotte.

On his last day, February 28th, Assistant PoliceChief Gerald Williamson will take over as interim chief.

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