Hudson ISD reacts to rumors of Peavy Primary principal leaving the school

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Hudson area parents have been expressing their concerns about the recent news that Peavy Primary principal Tom Miller will be leaving the school, but the district says it's not what parents think.

Mary Ann Whitaker, the superintendent for the Hudson Independent School District,  says Miller will no longer work as principal at the school because he has been asked to take over a new position within the district.

"Mr. Miller has been asked to assume a district-wide position that is going to monitor an RTI (Response to Intervention) programs and our FO4 programs, which are programs designed for students, to ensure that we have them where they need to be, providing the right programs, monitoring the curriculum, their instruction and making sure that we have all the data and reports that everything is in place to follow those students," Whitaker said.

Whitaker says the decision came after they received their newest data regarding certain programs within their district.

"I would say one of the hardest parts of being superintendent is having to make decisions that are not understood by all and supported by all. We always have to look at the entire organization. We are constantly monitoring data to see where we have gaps in learning, where programs are working or not working and based on the data and based on the gaps, we find we have to periodically go in and reorganize, reevaluate, find those people that have strengths that will be a good match for addressing those gaps. And so that's what we have most recently done," Whitaker said.

She says she understands parents concerns and is sorry that some took the job change as a sign that Miller was leaving the district.

"Mr. Miller has been asked to stay and take this particular position and I'm so sorry that there was the idea that we had asked him to leave. That was not the truth. It was just looking at the data and the information we have, realizing we're going to have to make some changes. The state has made changes, which in turn requires us to consider making changes and that's what we're doing," Whitaker said.

She says Miller will be based at the high school campus.

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