Savion Wright shares how his brother inspired him and talks life after American Idol

Songs of hope filled the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ in Jasper as Savion Wright returned home after appearing on American Idol.

"It's so good to be with my family and to be with friends, people who care," said Wright.

The 21- year-old didn't make it past Hollywood week but says he's proud of his time on the reality show and says every piece was an original.

Saturday that was no different, Wright played Breathing Underwater an original song inspired by his older brother Alfred who was found dead in Hemphill last November.

"Getting to do that song on idol was definitely the pentacle of Hollywood week, "said Wright.

Saturday the Jasper community rallied in the name of justice for Alfred Wright with a panel of experts, question and answer period and a moment of silence.

"We always rely on family they are the ones that will always be there for you in the end and that embodies Alfie," said Wright.

Savion even brought home a few idol friends to help rally the troops and support their cause of justice.

"You know God is doing something when so many people are at one place and are for one cause its really a blessing," said John J. Fox, former idol contestant.

John Fox and Madelyn Patterson say they saw firsthand everything Savion was going through and are proud to stand by him today.

"He was so strong, he made me stronger," said Madelyn Patterson, former idol contestant.

Savion calls Alfred his hero and describes him as the kind of person that was always willing to help others, a characteristic that leaves a lasting legacy behind.

"I'm so glad I have that time with him, it will be memories I will never forget," Wright.

Wright has one more semester at Baylor University, he says once he finishes he plans to move to California and pursue a music career.

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