Private prisoner transport officer behind bars after assaulting inmate at Houston Co. Jail

Source: Houston County Jail
Source: Houston County Jail

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A private prisoner transport officer is in the Houston County Jail after she reported assaulted an inmate she was transporting to Florida.

Margarita Alverez-Mendez, 35, was arrested Saturday after Houston County sheriff's deputies say she assaulted a 30-year-old inmate who was due to be transported by Alverez-Mendez to another state.

According to a press release, around 6:30 AM Saturday Alverez-Mendez was transporting the inmate from another facility in Texas when she stopped at the Houston County Jail for a bathroom break. While Alverez-Mendez was waiting for inmate, deputies witnessed her assault an inmate.

Houston County sheriff's deputies immediately began an investigation into the incident and according to a press release the FBI was notified and reported to the jail to do their own investigation due to the nature of the incident.

The inmate reportedly only sustained minor injuries and is due to be transported to her next destination sometime today by a private prisoner transport company.

Alverez-Mendez is in custody in the Houston County Jail on charges of Class A misdemeanor assault and violation of civil rights of a person in custody which is also a Class A misdemeanor.

Federal charges are pending.

The East Texas News reached out to the Houston County Sheriff's Office to see if anymore information was available but were told nothing further would be available until Tuesday.

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