Huntington High School students raising money for wheelchair accessible playground equipment

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - All one-year-old Honor Tinsley wants to do is play on the playground like all the other kids but she can't because the park is not wheelchair accessible.

The East Texas News talked with a group of Huntington high school students who are determined to make the Huntington park a place where Honor and other kids like her can play.

"She made me want to change the world for her," said Lauren Tinsley, Honor's mom. "It's really amazing to see a community come together. It's like everybody is pulling together not just for her but for kids like her."

One-year-old Honor has spina bifida and spends most of her time wheeling around in her hot pink wheelchair but one place she can't get around is the Huntington City Park and now with the help of the Destination Imagination Project Outreach Team - Rising Up for Honor that's going to change.

"We noticed that in our park, there are no wheelchair accessible playground equipment," said Huntington High School 9th grader, Barrett Duncan. "There's playground equipment all over our park that able bodied children are able to play in."

The Huntington High School students are hosting a series of fundraiser's to purchase wheelchair accessible playground equipment because we all deserve the chance to play.

"She deserves a chance to play too," said Tinsley.

"It's not fair they just get to sit and watch and kind of be upset because they can't do what they want - what everyone else is doing," said Duncan.

"That's my hope for her that one day she will be able to go to the park and play like everybody else and there will be stuff for her to do just like for all the other kids just like the able-bodied kids," said Tinsley. "It just took one little girl wanting to make a change."

The Rising Up for Honor team has already raised $1,700 of the nearly $2,200 they need to purchase, ship and install a wheelchair-accessible swing.

You can be a part of the cause as well:

The Walk and Roll 5K is scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 2014. It's $25 for participants plus there is a wheelchair route that's free. The 5K starts at the Huntington City Park and there are events and fun for all ages.

Rising Up for Honor t-shirts are for sale and Huntington ISD schools are hosting a coin drive.

You can find out more information about the upcoming events here:

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