District Attorney race heating up in Polk Co.

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - Everywhere you look in Polk County, two names dominate the landscape this election season.

Lee Hon and Elizabeth Coker are the only two candidates that are running for the Polk County District Attorney's office. Hon looking to keep his title of DA for a third term, while Coker looking to take his spot away.

Coker is familiar with the judicial system. As a result of an agreement with an ethics commission, Judge Elizabeth Coker resigned from her position over the 258th district following allegations that she texted a prosecutor during a trial in December of 2013. In an earlier press release, Coker said the resignation is part of an agreement with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, which regulates communication between judges and lawyers.

"It was amazing about the amount of support and encouragement that I received to file and the amount of support and encouragement I am receiving now as I run for office," Coker said.

Hon said the added attention from Coker's resignation has cast a shadow over the race.

"It has regenerated interest in that topic," Hon said. "I think is unfortunate With that said, I am trying to stay positive and just run on my accomplishments."

Hon said those accomplishments span 18 years of defending local law enforcement and the youngest victims of crimes.

"We prioritized the prosecution of crimes against children," Hon said. "Those are things we have worked hard on and will continue to do if re-elected."

Coker believes enough has not been done and says she will expand her focus.

"I want to protect and educate not only our younger generation, but also, we have a significant retirement community in polk county," Coker said. "We want to be sure that they know they are going to be taken care of."

With no democrat running in November, come Mar.5, one of these long time Polk County residents will most likely be the next district attorney.

Early voting for the election will run through Feb.28.

There are three locations in Polk County for early voting: The Webster Community Building in Corrigan, The sub-courthouse in Onalaska and the judicial center in Livingston.

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