Future of Tyler Co. child's custody to be decided

Michelle Reed is in Woodville today, where the custody of a four-year-old child whose father was shot dead is being determined. Testimony has been pretty revealing, with one lawyer saying he believes the evidence shows the murderers are in court today. Michelle Reed is sticking with the coverage and brings you the latest at 5 and 6.

You'll hear from the man who has had a tumultuous 11 months, but is happy to say his dream of running a craft distillery in downtown Lufkin is alive. Caleb Beames brings you that story at 6.

The next Nacogdoches County judge will either be a manager for an international poultry corporation, an owner of restaurants, or an automobile dealership owner. They're all Republicans with no Democratic opponent. We continue our look at upcoming political races with Donna McCollum profiling the people who could be the next Nacogdoches County judge.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor