Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 02-20-14

Ocean Buffet at 3613 North Street: 20 demerits for lids needed for employee drinks, glass dipped in ice machine, paper towels needed for hand wash sinks, thermometers needed for all coolers, cooks, and freezers, ice scoops found in ice maker, buffet plate sign needed at buffet, door needed to be repaired with caulking and weather proofing, doors for prep coolers needed to be repaired, ice cream area not kept clean and sanitary, and sliding door not kept closed.

Lucky Stop No. 4 at 2500 Woden Road: 17 demerits for boxes of eggs stored on cooler floor, use-by dates needed for sliced meats, utensils found in hand wash sink, hand wash sink needed towels and soap, thermometers needed for all refrigerators, freezers, and warmers, back of property not kept picked up, permit needed for banner, banner not secured to building, and walls not kept clean.

Asian City at 2732 North Street: 16 demerits for areas around woks needed to be cleaned, soap and towels needed for hand wash sink, all entries and exits needed to be weatherproofed, the northwest corner of the kitchen needed to be cleaned up, ice scoop not in clean container, and kitchen equipment not kept clean and sanitary.

Barnhill's at 3217 North Street: 14 demerits for open container of chocolate milk needed to be discarded, backflow preventer needed for outside hose, hand sink not kept empty, thermometers needed for all coolers and cooks, and any missing or damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced.

Rudy's No. 21 at 3104 North University Street: 8 demerits for one canned food product needed to be discarded and backflow preventer needed for outside hose.

Appleby Sand Depot at 3023 Appleby Sand Road: 6 demerits for cap needed for glass cleaner, warmer oven needed to be cleaned, and water-damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced.

Pizza Hut Delivery at 3102 North University: 6 demerits for hand wash sink access blocked, knife holder not kept clean, food scoop handle not kept out of prep meats, damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, and all vents and tiles not kept clean.

Nick's No. 5 at 3003 Durst Street: 4 demerits for several milk containers needed to be discarded and manager needed food protection management certificate.

Schlotsky's at 2608 North Street: 4 demerits for vents not kept wiped down.

Skate-O-Rama at 1208 Douglass Road: 3 demerits for test strips needed for three-compartment sink.

T's Sandwiches at 1122 North University Drive: 3 demerits for thermometers needed for all freezers and coolers.

Brookshire Bros Deli and Grill at 1420 North University Drive: 3 demerits for ceiling vents in food prep area not kept clean.

Nacburger at 3205 North University Drive, Suite O: 0 demerits.

Church's Fried Chicken at 3505 South Street, Suite A: 0 demerits.

Heart of Texas at 110 South Pecan: 0 demerits.