Zavalla council member responds to golf cart photo

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - An anonymous Zavallaresident sent in this picture into KTRE.

Shown in the photo are twocity council members Pam Hooks, Sue Hough and a child not in safety belt.

The photo has been posted to varioussocial media pages and Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches confirmed it isillegal.

But Hough claims she hadno idea that driving a golf cart on the road was an issue, she says she wastaking her granddaughter to see her daughter at work just a few minutes fromher home.

But after seeing the problems it's caused shesays she plans on getting the correct requirements to drive on the roadways.

" I'm going to have to get to Lufkin Ididn't have time today  but I need to getto Lufkin and see if I can get the right permits take all my VIN numbers andwhen my son gets in I'm going to have him hook me up some blinkers," saidHough.

Hough and Hooks were not ticketed for drivingthe golf cart on the roadway.

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