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Jarvis student meeting with Bill Clinton to help kids in Swaziland


Former President Bill Clinton has invited a Jarvis Christian College student to receive assistance with a "Life Giving Project". The project will help high school students in Swaziland, Africa who are orphans and living off of one meal a day.

Jarvis was one of nearly 60 other schools that was selected by Bill Clinton's global initiative to receive help on their project.

"Being such a small school in the middle of nowhere it's a great feeling that someone actually saw what we're doing and the affect that we can have on the kids in Swaziland," D'Antae Allen, Jarvis Freshman, said.

Student leaders from both Jarvis and Stephen F. Austin State University have started a "Life Giving Project" to address the needs for orphans in Swaziland, Africa at Zumani High School.

"The government in Swaziland donates one meal a day to the kids that go to school; the problem is not a lot of kids go to school," Allen said. "So, the kids that go to school get one meal but the kids that don't go do not have a meal at all."

Jarvis freshman D'Antae Allen says about $140 would pay for a student in Swaziland to attend high school for a full year. In an effort to help with these costs, the college students will show the Swaziland students how to start their own gardens.

"Not only will they be able to get food from the community garden but they'll also be able to sell the produce to go towards their education," Allen said. "Since most of their parents died from HIV and aids, they don't have income to buy their education."

Allen says when he meets Clinton on March 21 at Arizona State University $750,000 will be available for student leaders to take action on their outreach projects. More than 1,000 students have been invited to meet Clinton in March.

Students from both Stephen F. Austin and Jarvis Christian College have already raised $10,000 to send to Swaziland to help with food, water, clothing and education.

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