Habitat for Hounds giving dog houses to shelter-less pets

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Have you seen a dog that sitting out in the rain or shivering in the cold? Well the newly formed non-profit Habitat for Hounds is working to make sure that problem goes away.

A concerned citizen saw a dog that needed a shelter and that image sparked the idea for Habitat for Hounds.

"It's providing housing for dogs and cats in Angelina County," said Cathy Clark, who works with Habitat for Hounds.

It's a new non-profit organization dedicated to making sure local cats and dogs always have a place to get out of the elements.

"Dogs are a companion animal so actually they need shelter. Any animal outside needs shelter, to get out of the wind, the rain, the cold," said Clark. "You don't see a lot of effort being taken to provide for animals and take concern for the welfare of animals. They can't speak for themselves so we do have to speak for them.

The organization is less than a month old and has already put six dogs in houses. Leaders say Habitat for Hounds is generating a lot of buzz on Facebook and are getting a lot of input about animals who might be in need.

"We get most of them reported by other people especially ones that drive by a regular route every day and see a dog that doesn't have shelter and it's been out in the bad weather and they didn't know what to do and now they do have something to do there's an alternative. We provide habitats for those dogs."

And since Habitat for Hounds is just getting organized they need man power, trucks and trailers to help with pick ups and deliveries.

"We need a lot of volunteers not to just donate dog houses and material but we need some people to help physically deliver these dog houses to people that need them no questions asked just provide them a house."

Habitat for Hounds is hosting their first fundraiser Saturday, March 8, 2014 at Pinetree Preschool (1407 Tulane, Lufkin) starting at 11:00 AM.

It's a BBQ plate lunch for $8.00 that includes: a chipped beef sandwich, potato salad and baked beans. Add $2.00 for dessert.

The organization is also selling t-shirts for $20.

For more information on the fundraisers or if you would like to volunteer your time, truck, treasure or donate supplies or gently used dog houses call: 936-364-7090 or 936-671-0829

Email: dogtails@rocketmail.com

U.S. Mail: Habitat For Hounds, P.O. Box 155938, Lufkin, TX 75915

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