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Apple Springs ISD promoting reading with coffee shop library


Sophomore Jax Kendrick says stops at the Apple Springs media center have become a part of his school routine.

"We just sit and talk, drink coffee and enjoy ourselves," said Kendrick.

In fact many of the students here said they make a stop here about three or four times a day, either to grab a cup of coffee, work on school projects or catch up on some reading.

 "It's just like a better setting a more friendly setting," said Kendrick.

The new on campus media center was converted from two large classrooms and is set up similar to a Starbucks or a local coffee shop.

 "We thought since we needed an update lets really go for it," said Cody Moree, Superintendent.

Rather than sitting in a classroom or your typical library students can come here and cozy up next to the fireplace with their favorite book.

Superintendent Cody Moree says reading is the foundation of learning and they wanted to create an environment where students would love to read.

"We wanted an area where the kids wanted to be and to put things that were a part of their world," said Moree.

Which meant giving students access to various technology like ipads, kindles, laptops and even a flat screen T. V.

 "If there a book I may need to do a report over its just really awesome to have a kindle where I can have any book I need," said Gabby Stanley, 11th grade student.

Moree says the students not only enjoy the facility but take pride in the work they put into it.

 "Painting, moving stuff around helping tear down walls stuff like that," said Adrien Lee, 9th grade student.

Students have access to the facility since the beginning of the month. Moree says there is a conventional library located on the elementary school campus.

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