Annual Angelina Co. Youth Fair kicks off with plenty of competition

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday was a full day of competition at theAngelina County Youth fair, held at the George H. Henderson Expo Center inLufkin.

The evening session was showcased by themarket rabbi and breeding rabbit showcase.

Competitors with the market rabbitcompetition say using the Californian rabbits are a great way to get intoshowing animals.

"They're not big showcows," Zavall student, Rozalinn Runnels said. "They are a good beginnerproject."

Judges with the market completionwill judge three rabbit's per student. The judges look for each one to almostlook identical in every area so that when they move around it is hard toremember which one is which.

"You got to make sureyou feed them exactly what you have to feed them and clean the water everysingle day," Lufkin student Logan Peikert said.

"You want them tolook like triplets, Runnels said. "You want them to be around five and a halfpounds. You want more muscle than fat."

The judging ischallenging. First the judge must examine each rabbit and give it an overallscore. The judge then picked the top 20 students to move on to the next round.The step is challenging and always different. Each judge has their own way ofmarking down their scores. Tonight's judge used poker chips and placed them ina specific way based on his opinion of the rabbit.

"I have my own littletheory of where I put my poker chips and it tells me where I want to place therabbits at," Judge hank Dardin said.

Dardin has been involvedwith show rabbits since the 60s and says he was impressed by the rabbits thatwere presented.

"You have about tenpens that could compete with any county in the country," Dardin said.

At the end of thecompetition, Peikert took home the grand champion prize. When Peikert sales hisrabbits this weekend they could bring in close to $1,000.

Listed below are all thewinners from Tuesday's competition.

Desserts:  First Place, Pre-Junior – Hannah Selman,Diboll 4-H

Desserts: FirstPlace, Junior – Emily Laroe, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Desserts:  First Place, Senior – Makenzie Harris, LufkinFCCLA

Cheesecakes:  First Place, Pre-Junior – Benjamin Penn, BlueRibbon 4-H

Cheesecakes:  First Place, Junior – Railey Oates, Central4-H

Cheesecakes:  First Place, Senior – Cade Milligan, 4-HHorse Club

FrostedCakes:  First Place:  Pre Junior – Madeline Havard, HuntingtonFCCLA

FrostedCakes:  First Place:  Junior – Chiann Basham, Diboll FFA

FrostedCakes:  First Place:  Senior – Sydney Sheffield, Lufkin FCCLA

With or WithoutGlaze Cakes: Pre-Junior - First Place: Skylar King, Huntington FCCLA

With or WithoutCakes:  First Place:  Junior – Mary Grace Polk, 4-H Horse Club

With or WithoutCakes:  First Place:  Senior – Raelee Caddenhead, Lufkin FCCLA

Grand Champion Penof Broilers – Dalton Moreno, Diboll 4-H

Reserve ChampionPen of Broilers – Cheyenne Swor, Diboll FFA

Champion Pullets –Emily Thompson, Diboll 4-H

Reserve Pullets – CharlesArnold, 4-H Horse Club

Champion Roosters– Dalton Moreno, Diboll 4-H

Reserve Roosters –Cheyenne Swor, Diboll FFA

Grand Champion Penof Market Rabbits – Logan Peikert, 4-H Horse Club

Reserve ChampionPen of Market Rabbits – Dalton Morton, Huntington 4-H

Grand ChampionCalifornian Bucks – DoveAna Murray, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Reserve ChampionCalifornian Bucks – DoveAna Murray, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Grand ChampionCalifornian Doe – Garret Ashabranner, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Reserve ChampionCalifornian Doe – DoveAna Murray, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Grand ChampionDutch Buck – Raymond Glover, Diboll 4-H

Reserve Champion DutchBuck – Samantha Belue, Zavalla FFA

Grand ChampionDutch Doe – Kyler Duren, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Reserve Champion DutchDoe – Rozalin Runnels, Zavalla 4-H

Grand ChampionMini Rex Buck – Dylan Rankin, Diboll 4-H

Reserve ChampionMini Lop Buck - Dylan Rankin, Diboll 4-H

Grand ChampionMini Lop Doe – Samantha Belue, Zavalla FFA

Reserve ChampionMini Lop Doe - Dylan Rankin, Diboll 4-H

Best of Show – GarretAshabranner, Blue Ribbon 4-H

Best Opposite –RaymondGlover, Diboll 4-H

Jr. RabbitShowmanship – Rozalin Runnels, Zavalla 4-H

Sr. RabbitShowmanship – Benjamin Lowther, Diboll 4-H

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