Gerald Williamson becomes Lufkin’s top lawman, as Police Chief Marcotte retires

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There is a new chief in town at the Lufkin PoliceDepartment, earlier this month Scott Marcotte announced his retirement fromLufkin PD, this week the city named a new police chief.

GeraldWilliamson started at the Lufkin Police Department 27 years ago as a patrolofficer, in a few days he will take over as the city's police chief.

"Itwas always in the back of my mind but its one of those things, things have tofall together for that to occur and I've been blessed in that regard,"said GeraldWilliamson.

Williamsonhas served as Assistant Police Chief since 2009, he said he found out onTuesday that he wouldbe named Lufkin Police Chief following Scott Marcotte's retirement.

Williamsondescribes Marcotte as passionate about law enforcement and plans to follow hisexample of leadership.

"Scotthas been a huge leader just a huge blessing for us here at the policedepartment but also to the citizens of Lufkin," said Williamson.

CityManager Paul Parker says the last two chiefs he's appointed have been fromwithin and he credits the professionalism of the department for the developmentof their current leadership.

"Weknew we had the best man already in our force," said Parker

Parkersays because of Williamson's experience he expects a smooth transition and thepublic won't notice much of a difference.

"Geraldwill come in with the attitude of we've got a very good department and therewon't be any major changes on how the department functions and runs," saidParker.

AndWilliamson says that's his number one priority, upholding the department'sstandard of service to the community.

"We'revery concerned about the quality of life for them and we intended to do ourbest to make sure that quality of life is as high as it possibly can be,"said Williamson.

Williamsonwill officially take over as chief Saturday March 1st.

Parkersays the official announcement will come at the next city council meeting.

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