2 loyal Democrats facing off in primary for Pct. 2 county commissioner in Nacogdoches Co.

Sandy McCorvey
Sandy McCorvey
James Montoya
James Montoya

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - In Nacogdoches County there are only three candidates, all from Precinct 2, who are running under the Democratic Party. A justice of the peace race is uncontested. The other two will face off in the Democratic primary for county commissioner.

The biggest challenge for candidates Sandy McCorvey and James Montoya is their loyalty to the Democratic Party. Both men know a lot of voters are participating in the Republican Primary because of its popularity and to elect a county judge, for which there is no democratic opponent.

"We're the only Democrats running so it's going to be interesting what happens, but I do think that, yeah, the race for the judge's is really pivotal on this election," said James Montoya, a Democratic candidate for Precinct 2 county commissioner.

"I believe that they know for a fact that the democratic platform best serves the constituents in precinct 2," said Sandy McCorvey, the other Democratic candidate for Precinct 2 county commissioner.

McCorvey keeps a Pct. 2 map in his office to track the precinct's needs.

"And so we are going to be out in the county seeing what those needs are," McCorvey said. "Be it road maintenance, bridge maintenance, or whatever."

The International Paper employee for over 20 years is now owner of Community bail bonds, in construction, and rents out U-hauls. McCorvey says the business experience will help him advocate for constituents' needs.

"To make sure we're getting our share of the pie and when we get that share of the pie. It's for what we need, it's not what others think we want," McCorvey said.

McCorvey said he wants to inform the working class about the programs designed to serve their needs.

"It is a lack of information," McCorvey said. "They do not know what is available to their community and even those that do know what's available don't know how to go about getting it."

James Montoya is all about social justice. The retired Nacogdoches ISD social worker of 12 years believes the help he's provided over the years to others will lead to votes.

"I don't have a lot of money, so I don't have a lot of money to put into my campaign, but I think people know me for who I am and what I stand for, so I think that's going to help me a whole lot in this race," Montoya said.

The New Mexico native has gained support from the Hispanic community. South Street businesses eagerly display his name. While grateful, he says his interests are for the benefit of everyone.

"Our sheriff's department and fire department need to have adequate resources to be able to do their jobs," Montoya said.

In addition, Montoya says he's a big advocate of the technical training facility.

"And that's something I really want to see happen because I worked in the school system, and I saw a lot of our students go to Angelina College instead of staying here," Montoya said. "I we would have been able to provide something for them they would have been able to stay here."

Another one of Montoya's interests is serving the elderly.

Both candidates have vowed to support the other if they're defeated. It's just another gesture of loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Tomorrow we will feature the republican candidates for Precinct 2 Nacogdoches County Commissioner's office.

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