Mt. Enterprise home destroyed by fire, residents complain about lack of water pressure

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Residents in Mt. Enterprise are desperate for water after a home was destroyed by a fire last night.

It happened on County Road 3175, and the homeowner says there was not enough water to put out the fire, a sight she has seen before. The last time this happened, the outcome was tragic.

"We don't have no water in here," Lisa Harris said. "We need help."

It was a scene that was all too familiar for Harris.

Last night a fire destroyed her family home, despite efforts of friends and neighbors to contain it.

"We was people coming trying to put the fire out," Harris said. "We couldn't put the out because we didn't have enough water."

Just three years ago, Harris says her cousin, April Yarbrough, and her two young sons were killed in a house fire in the same community because of a lack of water.

Harris said the water line ends just a half a mile from her community.

"Simply for the fact, no water pressure and that's the reason they got burnt up, we are trying to get the water line down through here," Harris said.

Izola Hicks said she has been renting the home for almost a year. She was the only one home when the fire started.

Hicks said she and neighbors did what they could to fight the fire because it took the fire department nearly an hour to arrive to the scene.

"This is where I call home, and I was like, "Oh my God, the water pressure wasn't high enough for us to put it out, we did what we could do."

Hicks and Harris said they've contacted the city about extending the water line but nothing has been done.

"It seems like don't nobody want to help us," Harris said.

"No response and no action, and we really need some," Hicks said.

Mt. Enterprise Water Supply representative John Henry says this specific community falls outside city limits, and residents may have to pay out of pocket to another water company to get a water line put in.

Hicks and Harris said they are both relieved everyone left the scene unharmed, and they are hoping for a change before tragedy strikes again

The fire started around 5:30 Wednesday night and was caused by a space heater in the living room.

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