STEM students break world record for Sierpinski triangle

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It took 300 hundred students about two hoursto break a Guinness World Record for their Sierpinski triangle.

During STEM day at SFAstudents got hands on learning experience in science, technology, engineeringand mathematics.

Assistant Professor of MathematicsKeith Hubbard says the idea came from a math club in North Carolina that builta Sierpinski triangle that was nine feet tall.

"Our hope is both todo this faster than anyone has ever done it before and there is also a chancewe might hit the 13ft unsupported. No one's ever hit the 13 feet unsupportednow if we need the support we'll still be faster we believe than anyone else,"said  Keith Hubbard, Associate Professorof Mathematics.

"We're hoping tointroduce them to things that they've not seen before they are able to useinformation that they may not have been exposed to in high school and we'rehoping to get them excited about science, math and really have fun with ittoday," said Julie Sanifer, K-12 Coordinator of Outreach.

The kids made 4,000 thousandindividual pyramids to create the final product.

It was13 feet tall and stood on its own for eight seconds.

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