Crockett city employees step up and help abandoned puppy

Source: John Angerstein
Source: John Angerstein

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Everyday firefighters rushto the aid of people, but today there is one lucky puppy that has a firefighterto thank for a second chance at a home.

As a firefighter mikehardy took an oath to save lives including man's best friend.

"Once I saw the dogand how well mannered she was, it was a no brainer," Hardy said.

On Monday, Gypsy, the namegiven to her by Hardy, fell out of a truck, right in front of Crockett's PublicWorks Director, Kelly McChesney.

"The person in thetruck stopped and I asked if it was his dog and he said he didn't want her so Ipicked her up and said let me have her," McChesney said.

Unable to keep the dogherself, McChesney enlisted the help of the Crockett Fire Department and anonline campaign was started to find a new home for the pup.

"They always try tohelp everybody and I was just so happy they were helping a puppy," McChesneysaid.

It wouldn't be long beforeone of their own would step up.

"It kind of hurtbecause I am a pet lover and I just couldn't see letting the dog be discardedin that fashion," Hardy said.

Hardy may look tough butMcChesney knew there was a softer side to the firefighter.

"I saw mike hold thedog and how she was with him and the look on his face when he was holding her,I said, 'He's the one,"' McChesney said.

Ever since taking inGypsy, she has been the talk of the town.

"Everybody talksabout how cute she is and what a loving dog she is," Hardy said.

She has also become a symbol of hope andlove.

Hardy believes Gypsy may be 10 weeks old andis taking her to the veterinarian office  to have her shots done and to look at apossible broken rib.

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