East Texas World War II heroine Jacqueline Morgan dies

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - She was one of the few women who took to the skies duringWorld War II.

I did get shot downonce. I didn't fall. I had, they didn't hit a cable, so i was able to land theairplane in an auxiliary field," Jacqueline Morgan told KTRE in 2009.

Jacqueline Morgan was one of only 1,174 WASPs or women airforce service pilots.

The Lufkin resident died last night with her family by herside at the age of 94.

"She had a long andfruitful life, I knew all my life she was special," said Havey Morgan.

Morgan joined the wasps in 1943 and worked as a tow pilot,flying AT6'S and BT-13s, towing targets behind.

Her son Havey Morgan says throughout his life he heardstories of honor and bravery.

"My mother joined theWASPs because she had an older brother who died in a training accident in themilitary and she wanted to do something to take his place," said Morgan.

They were consideredcivilians, with records classified and sealed for thirty-five years. The WASPsweren't offered full military status until 1977

In 2009, Morgan receivedthe Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award, along with thePresidential Medal of Freedom.

And even though she is gone, sheleaves behind a lasting legacy of service.

"My mother was a warhero as a far as I'm concerned, instilled in me an appreciation for themilitary and the sacrifice that the military men and women do for the serviceof our country," said Morgan.

Morgan is survived by her three children and twograndchildren.

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