Hudson native shares love for Native American artifacts

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - What looks like a rock is a treasureto Morris Weeks.

Ever since his combat days in Vietnamwere over, the Hudson native has been studying ancient Native American artifacts.

"It got me off of thinking aboutthe stuff I went through and I concentrated on this learning," Weeks said.

Weeks is always eager to share hisknowledge.

"You always wonder about yourhistory and your ancestors and how they lived and how they worked," OlethaFairchild said.

Some armature archeologist where ableto get closure on the items they had. Fairchild discovered a square piece ofrock used for cutting that she found in an East Texas Lake was actually fromthe early Ice Age.

Morris is particularly good withidentifying anything from the Eastern America area, but can also help thosethat have items from the Western America area as well.

"Now we have an area to go to,"DeniseCunigan said. "To get more information from so it helped. It helped us alot."

Weeks says shows like "Antique Road show"and "Pawn Stars" have people seeing dollar signs but that's not where the valuereally lies.

"When they find it with their child or their a kidand it's their first point, it means more than money could ever put on it,"Weeks said.

Weeks does more than just examine the artifacts. Severalof his finds can be seen at the Naranjo museum in Lufkin.

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