SFA men's basketball team left wanting more: 'We are not satisfied. We are hungry for more'

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The SFA men's basketball team is coming off a weekend of play where they have clinched their second consecutive Southland Conference Title.

Last year they went undefeated, and this year they look to repeat history.

First-year head coach Brad Underwood says he didn't expect all the attention and success, but says it was bound to happen with a team that has dared to dream big, and left wanting more.

"There's nothing better than to be able to prove to yourself and be able to take pride in saying we're conference champions," said Underwood.

Although the Lumberjacks have clinched the conference title, they are not looking to stop playing just yet.

"We are not satisfied," said Desmond Haymon. "Coach always says to dream big and we are always hungry for more."

"You can't be afraid to dream big and to do that, you can't fear hard work. You can't fear challenges," said Underwood. "If we're satisfied then I'm really disappointed in these guys and I haven't gotten my message across to them."

Through the national attention the Jacks have set winning records, and climbed their way up the AP Polls. Senior Haymon has been a reliable leader for SFA, pushing his team along the way.

"I lead by being humble, knowing that we haven't got to our goal yet. We know we have to stay focused and continue to work hard everyday until we get to the conference tournament. Then we will be satisfied and take it from there," said Haymon.

If there's one guy who has caught on to the legacy Haymon is leading, it's Jacob Parker. Parker has had 2 buzzer beaters this conference season. The first one was against Incarnate Word, and the other was in front of a packed collegiums against school rivals the Northwestern State Demons.

"We want more. We're not settling just for the championship. We want to go undefeated," said Parker.

If there's on thing all can agree on, it's the family dynamic of the team that has lead them to their success.

"The winning has been a great extension of being able to be around them every single day and I've had a blast," said Underwood.

"We are a family and the motto we have is, 'One team. One dream,' and we're sticking to it," said Haymon

One team, who has one dream that's far from over. In fact, they are just getting started.

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