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2 challenge Cooper for Angelina Co. Pct. 4 race

Scott Cooper Scott Cooper
Bobby Cheshire Bobby Cheshire
Bill Brown Bill Brown

Precinct 4 encompasses a large amount of Angelina County, including some of South Lufkin and all of Diboll and Zavalla.

Former Diboll mayor Bill Brown says public service is in his blood and that's documented by his 16 years of local government experience.

"I have both that and a business background and a construction background so I know how to work crews and I know how to work people," Brown said. "I know government process. I know budgeting and stuff like that and as a business man I know how to stay within budgets and so I think that's very important."

Bobby Cheshire says his versatile background will be an asset to the county.

"My experience in law enforcement has given me insight into government and also my experience in business has given me insight into how government should be run," Cheshire said. "I just know when that equipment is being used correctly in a proper manner and when it's not and when it needs maintenance and when it doesn't."

Incumbent Scott Cooper is seeking his second term, citing that he brings a mixed skill set based in education, technology and agriculture to the job and hopes to continue the improvements on the roads and relationships with departments and cities.

"I hope to have shown that I have done the job that I was hired to do and the people think that I deserve to be in again," Cooper said. "I believe I am. I believe I've done a good job but I'm always willing to listen to what the public needs and what they think needs to be done next."

All three candidates all have plans to work on fixing the roads in Angelina County.

"I'm ready and poised finally after three years to purchase some new type of equipment that will allow us to use some new road materials that will hopefully, it's looking like right now be able to cover more road miles, with less dollars and keep them with as good or better repair," Cooper said.

"We've seen our roads over the past few years deteriorate from oil to rock to dirt and those are tax dollars that are wasted and we're going to have to spend precious resources to recover that loss," Cheshire said.

"We have no real system to take care of the roads," Brown said. "We've got a real good road crew people to go out and work and stuff but they don't really have any leadership or guidance you know right now so I'm hoping to do that and kind of get a road system built up to where we have a long term plan."

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