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Lubbock voter turnout above state average


Less than 24 hours after the primary election, we are getting a better look of how voter turnout in Lubbock County compares to the rest of the state.

Across Texas, just 13.25 percent of people came out to vote.

Lubbock comes in just above that at 14.68 percent, representing 24,751 people.

But though the county's turnout is slightly above average, it's still below the number of people we typically see in this area.

Dorothy Kennedy with the Lubbock County Elections Office says voter turnout has dropped significantly since 2010.

"We compare like elections," Kennedy says. "So we compared governor elections to a governor election. We went back and looked at 2006 and 2010 to compare to 2014."

In 2006, 22,744 people voted in the primary.

That number spiked dramatically in 2010: 35,828 people cast their vote.

Texas Tech Professor Mark McKenzie says that has a lot to do with the circumstances.

"The financial crisis had happened in 2008, so many people in 2010 were worried about the economy. This generated a huge wave in turnout that we haven't seen in quite some time," McKenzie said.

But Kennedy stresses that no matter what election it is, every vote counts.

"Every single person needs to come out and vote and let their voice be heard," Kennedy said.

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