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Bad gasoline stops some East Texans in their tracks

A routine trip to the gas pump might have caused some East Texans serious car trouble. A Tyler man said his car stopped working after he filled it with gas at an Exxon station on the corner of Vine and Glenwood, in Tyler.

He said he went to fill up his 2011 Nissan Altima Tuesday morning and noticed others at that same station were having car trouble. He said he assumed it was their older model cars, or a result of the cold weather, until someone yelled that something was in the gas.

"There were like three cars around me that were stalled. Two, as soon as they pumped their gas they couldn't get out of the stall, and the other two as soon as they got out, the car just quit on them," David Sims, whose car broke down, said.

He had already filled up by the time someone said, "Hey it might be the gas."

He said his car seemed fine leaving this parking lot; however, "I get part way home and my car starts rumbling and it starts jerking and I'm like 'Oh no.'"

He made it home, but beyond that, he was stuck.

David Stokes came to tow Sims' car and said this was the fifth stop of its kind today.

"As many cars as we towed, a lot of it has to do with bad gas," Stokes said.

Sims went back to talk to the manager last night and took video while he was there.

"I got off at 11 a.m. and there were still cars parked there when I came back at 11 p.m. that, I guess, they had to abandon," Sims said.

One car from David's video was still stuck when we stopped by Wednesday, and that same pump where David had filled up Tuesday was out of service with a plastic bag over its handle.

The manager wouldn't come out of his office to speak with us, but the cashier did confirm that there was contaminated gas at that location. He also told us that Exxon would reimburse anyone with gas-related damages from their pumps.

Sims went back to that station again Wednesday afternoon.

"Told me I would have to take my car to an auto mechanic and just give them the receipt and they're going to send the receipt to Exxon Mobile," Sims said.

They also gave him a possible reason for the problem.

"But, he said something like water or something like that, but he did say it was contaminated," he said.

He told us he hadn't been given any more information, but hopes he'll be on the road again soon.

"It's taking me out of work and it's been a big strain because I don't have a car. This is the only car our family has," he said.

Exxon Mobile said that gas station is owned by the distributor and they will be the party responsible for taking care of damages. They told us they have received several calls about customers with the same problems as David Sims and anyone with those car troubles should go back and work with the station.

They did say this was most likely and isolated incident and that water likely got into the tank after our most recent ice storm.

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