Stern warning sign addressed to thieves making a statement in Wells

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - There are signs all up and down 69 North heading towards Tyler but there's one sign that sticks out more than the rest.

A Wells man installed the hand-made sign in his equipment yard as a stern warning to thieves and vandals who have broken in more than a time or two.

The manager of the Wild Blue Equipment yard in Wells is fed up with vandals and thieves stealing from him.

The yard manager, Mike Beathard said, "The thieves have hit us several times, stealing power cords, propane tanks, batteries, TVs. Just fed up. I've had enough."

So he decided to do something about it and that something was this sign.

"I just thought of it and thought maybe that would send a stern message," said Beathard.

Beathard says the worst part is that the vandals don't make much money off what they steal but they cause a whole lot of damage.

"They got $32.80 out of the last deal but it cost me $1,200 to replace everything," said Beathard. "Scrap yards are so convenient and is right down the road and it's a fast dollar for them."

The last time the thieves targeted this area they ripped all the copper wiring out of this electrical cable that powers this generator. The yard manager speculated that the thieves probably only got $6 or so but it's going to cost about $1,000 to make these repairs.

Beathard's sign has been prominently displayed for about four months and so far people are taking the message seriously.

"So far since I put it up I have not missed a thing. I have had nothing come up missing. Nothing stolen," said Beathard.

Beathard stands behind his warning sign and hopes those looking for a quick buck think twice.

"I hope they think about it before they do it," said Beathard.

Beathard says he feels like there has been an increase in thefts over the past year and a half in wells and thinks that a greater police presence in the area would help a lot.

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