Crockett welcomes new fire truck

After three years, the Crockettfire department can finally enjoy the newest member of its fleet.

Engine 6 has been a threeyear process and after retiring their old engine two years ago. The departmentwas in desperate need for a new one. The new truck is ready to go and comeswith newer technology.

The truck will also help out the city's ISOinsurance rating. The rating is currently a 5, but the department wants to getto a 4. Getting to a 4 would mean a significant drop in the premium thedepartment pays for insurance.

"The ISO is going to get us credit forthis truck," Crockett Fire Chief John NAgerstein said. "Not only do we have cabs, but we will also get several creditsbecause this truck has foam capabilities and our other trucks did not have foam capabilities."

The newest truck will bereplacing the ladder truck as the primary vehicle which will also help cityinsurance rates.

And being the only fulltime department in Houston county, other communities will also be able tobenefit from the new addition.

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