Prissy is a laid-back and well-mannered Australian shepherd

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This is Prissy and she's an 8-month-old Australian shepherd mix. She has a great personality and a beautiful coat to go along with it.

"She's just real well mannered, laid back, a lot of times this breed can kind of be hyper but she has some really good manners," said Aaron Ramsey, the director of the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.

Australian shepherds are herding dogs and do well with agility.

"They're really good at agility and learn really quickly," Ramsey said.

Prissy is an absolute doll. She loves being petted and of course having all the attention on her, and she wouldn't say no to a belly rub.

"Tomorrow and Saturday, she'll be at the adoption event at Petsmart, and she's going to be out there as well for people who are interested in coming and checking her out." Ramsey said.

Prissy will fit in well with any family. She'll be good with kids and just needs love and attention to make her happy.

"She's a larger breed dog and a younger dog, so she'll need to go to a home where people would have the time to exercise her. Let her get out and run around and burn off some of that energy."

For more information on how to adopt our furry friend Prissy, call the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter at 936-633-0218

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