Angelina Co. Sheriff's Office introduces first chaplain

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Crisis management is a main area of concernfor all law enforcement and now the Angelina County Sheriff's office has a newdeputy to help with that need.

Last week, Sheriff Greg Sanches made it officialthat reserve deputy Ford Adkins would be the first chaplain for the department.

Guns, ammunition and tasersare all three essential when suiting up as a sheriff's deputy, but for Adkins,he carries an extra tool, his trusted Bible.

"We are in a fallenworld with a lot of people and they need some hope," Adkins said.

Adkins has been a reservedeputy for four years, but now the full time pastor of Cross Timbers Cowboy Churchwill also be the department's chaplain thanks to Sanches vision of wanting toset up a crisis management team.

Adkins will be used in asupport role mainly at crash sites, helping grieving families who are findingout they just lost a loved one.

"I know as a troopera lot of the times, it was tough out there and it was good to have a pastorwith you, because people are upset and a pastor knows more what to say,"Sanches said.

"I'm there for thevictims," Adkins said. "I'm able to bring some compassion and some hope tothese families, an arm around them and somebody to pray with them."

Adkins will also help withstressful situations.

"I'm trained throughcrisis intervention and I am going to speak to them through a manner to letthem know that we have all made bad mistakes and choices in life and give theman option and a route out," Sanches said.

Adkins will also be anasset at the jail by lending a helping hand to those looking to turn their lifearound.

"God makes good ofall things," Adkins said. "The bible says all things work to the good for those wholove him and work for his purpose. He can take peoples testimonies and badchoices and mistakes and turn them into positive things."

Changes he has already seen in his firstweek.

Before Adkins was a chaplain or deputy, he was a rodeo performer and even earned hallof fame status.

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