Pollen index predicts high allergy levels for the next couple days

Lufkin resident Carlene Thomason is allergic to twenty-one different allergens. Tuesday morning she woke up to slight allergies.

"My nose would run. I would get stopped up," Thomason said.

Allergy Specialist Dr. Brian Humphrey said Tuesday predominant pollens are juniper, oak and ash.

"Here in Lufkin our normal is 4 but today our number is 10.6," Humphrey said.

Humphrey further explains that allergy levels in the air are measured on a day to day basis from a scale of 0-12 and that climate is the number one factor behind an increase or decrease of pollen in the air. Also pollen can be bad year around.

"If it's a warm winter the plants have a head start for the spring. If it's a wet winter like we have had recently the mold has a head start for the spring, "Humphrey said.

Basically each season has different predominant pollen. Also another factor is location. Humphrey adds that resident in East Texas have it the worst because of all the forest and wildlife. However, East Texas residents aren't the only ones.  According the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, about 40 million Americans have indoor or outdoor allergies. So when it comes to dealing with those allergies Humphrey said allergies can be simply cured by taking an allergen test. This test is what helped Thomason get her allergies under control.

"I really am surprise that I do as well as I do now. I have managed to get my allergies down to just," Thomason said.

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