Hidden Village Music Festival brings a taste of SXSW to Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - have to make the four hourtrip to see some of the acts.

Bands performing at SXSWare making stops in Lufkin to give East Texans a taste of the festival.

The concept of the HiddenPines music festival was to revive Lufkin.

"It gives people likeus a place to go that we wouldn't have," Musician Ian Craft of the HowlinBrothers said. "I think it is awesome for the town. This is our second timeplaying Lufkin and we love it."

"We wanted to promotelive music in Lufkin, largely so the local bands that no one ever hears aboutcould play a gig and get paid for it," Standpipe coffee house co-owner RayColeman said.

Organizers hoped to introducemusic lovers of all genres to something new. Their solution was to bring inbands from SXSW that were looking for ways to pay for their trips to or fromAustin.

"We had an act from NewOrleans last Saturday," Coleman said. "We had a new age band last night andtonight we have a blue grass band. "We are going to have a punk rock band nextSaturday."

The bands like the exposure.

"[Small Towns} arereally the most fun shows on out tour," Craft said.

The fans in attendancehave not complained.

"There is somethinghere for everyone," Carl Wallace said. "It may not be to your taste, but it isalways tasteful."

"It lets people knowthere is something to do in Lufkin besides going to the movies," Joe Cuellarsaid.

"There has been livemusic in Lufkin, but never on a weekly basis or a yearly basis like thisfestival," Max Reynolds said. "It kind of seems like we need to educate peopleabout live entertainment again."

You never know if you arelooking at the next big thing.

The festival runs throughMarch 16.

To see more details on thefestival, visit their website.

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