Angelina Co. Child Advocate: Multiple abusers in one family not uncommon

Brain Garrett. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)
Brain Garrett. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)
Brain Garrett. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)
Brain Garrett. (Source: Angelina County Jail.)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Onefamily, two brothers, both who have related charges to sexual assault of achild.

"It'snot uncommon for there to be multiple abusers in a family system," said AshleyCook, Community Education Director, Harold's House

Thismonth, Brian Garrett was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two younggirls ages nine and 10.

Hisbrother Bryce Garrett was arrested in 2010 for molesting two girls ages threeand four.

"Iwouldn't say that we see a lot of problems with that I will say we do see itoccasionally and its sad," said Greg Sanches, Angelina County Sherriff.

Thearrest affidavit says that the girls told Harold's house officials BrianGarrett had sexually assaultted them multiple times since the beginning of theyear.

Harold'sHouse Community Education Director Ashley Cook says people who act as abuserswere likely to have been abused as children.

"Idon't know the particulars in this case but it can be that multiple abusers inone family might have one common person who abused them," said Cook.

Cooksays sexual abuse is a leading health crisis among children and can have longterm mental effects.

"Beingsuicidal, having depression, having eating disorders it has long term effectson the child," said Cook.

Cooksays last year Harold's House had 230 cases and they are hoping propertreatment and support of victims will break negative cycles and keep historyfrom repeating itself.

"Weneed awareness because that is what is going to teach families where this typeof behavior is prevalent that its not ok," said Cook.

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