Crime rate down in Lufkin, city officials say there is room for improvement

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Crimein the City of Lufkin is down and for the first time the Lufkin PoliceDepartment released an annual crime report earlier this week.

"Ourofficers have been out there really working hard," said Gerald Williamson,Lufkin Police Chief.

Eventhough the crime rate decreased in 2013 its still remains high in comparison tocities of similar size.

"We'rea dynamic community and we have a lot of opportunity here and all the goodthings we have in our community also draws the bad here as well," saidWilliamson.

Thecity's population falls just under 36,000 people but Lufkin Mayor Bob Brownsays as an economic hub during the day the city's population reaches 100,000.

"Itlooks like we are worse off than busier cities and the main reasons is becausewe have so many people that come into the community during the day," saidBrown.

In the past year there were four murders, 30,robberies 90 aggravated assaults, 394 burglaries and over 1,400 thefts.

Thereport says an emergency 9-1-1 call was received every eight minutes and anofficer was dispatched for service every 15 minutes.

"Onething in the report in particularly proud of is the sheer volume of calls ourofficers handle," said Williamson.

Williamsonalso credits Crimestoppers, last year they received over 400 tips that resultedin 36 arrests, he says help from the public helps officers do their job.

"Fromthe front end when they actually report incidents to us to after if they haveinfo that will help us," said Williamson.

Andtheir ultimate goal is to protect and serve and Williamson says he and thedepartment are committed to lowering 2014 crime rate.

Williamson says the departmentis partnering with the U.S Marshals to work on preventing gang related crime.

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