Gentle giant looking for a home where he can stay forever

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - He's bigger than your average pooch but this Bloodhound mix named Kaiser is just a gentle giant.

Kaiser has bounced around to a few homes in his 2.5 years of life and just wants a home that will want him forever.

"We found a family in October that took him and they had him since October and surrendered him last week because again of his size he was just too big for their apartment," said Elaine Hunter with Winnie Berry Humane Society.

Kaiser is a pretty big guy so he's probably not going to be the best fit for any family that lives in an apartment maybe a nice family with a good home and a large backyard where he can run around and really enjoy being a dog.

Kaiser is calm, relaxed and very friendly. He has good manners, listens well, is potty trained and just a good boy.

"He is a sweet boy," said Hunter. "He's a gentle giant and he sits and we just love him. He is well behaved, doesn't mind a leash or harness."

"He loves inside and he loves outside and outside he just lays in the sun," said Hunter. "He is very docile. I mean he just lays around and he's good with kids they can just love all over him."

For more information on how to adopt our furry friend Kaiser, call Winnie Berry Humane Society at 933-639-1880.

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