Holmes Smokehouse hiring for Lufkin flagship facility

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hundreds of job seekers stood outside the new Holmes Smokehousefacility hoping for a job at the new Lufkin business.

"We think it's goingto be a win-win opportunity for Holmes Smokehouse but for Lufkin and thecommunity," said Rodney Roth, President, Holmes Smokehouse.

Saturday was day one of a two day job fair at Holmes Smokehouse.

President Rodney Roth says the company is still putting finishingtouches on the building but they are hoping to fill 25 to 50 positions to startwith.

Once things are up and running they will create 100 jobs in thefirst year, 150 in the second and up to 200 in the third year.

"These jobs will becreated here what better way to start something than with a good old fashionbarbeque," said Roth.

Numbers that city officials believe will continue to grow Lufkin'seconomy.

"The jobs will come to Lufkin and he'll create the environment foremployment," said Bob Brown, Lufkin Mayor.

They will take the Lufkin brand where ever they go, they will be agreat ambassador for Lufkin."

The company a hiring various positions from production to managerand Lufkin seekers are happy to have more opportunities for work.

"It's great because it'san opportunity to give people jobs that don't got none," said JonathanBagley, Job seeker

Roth says the company has another facility in Burton Texas but hissays the Lufkin location will be company's flagship office.

"It's in the middle of where our customer base is and we thinkit's a wonderful opportunity," said Roth.

And as the grilling season draws closer Roth says they hope tohave everything up and running in 60 to 90 days.

THE HOLMES SMOKEHOUSE JOB FAIR CONTINUES TOMORROW FROM 10:00 a.m.to 3:00 p.m. at 800 Ellen TroutDrive.

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