Police report: San Augustine man fought with officer, yelled, 'Tase me again'

Wallace Clifton (San Augustine County Jail)
Wallace Clifton (San Augustine County Jail)

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - After a San Augustine Police officer found him in the middle of the road screaming profanities around small children, a 58-year-old man allegedly resisted arrest to the point that the officer deployed a Taser on him twice Saturday.

Wallace C. Clifton, of San Augustine, is still being held in the San Augustine Jail on a third-degree felony charge of assaulting a public servant, a Class A misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest, search, or transport, and a Class C misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

According to the police report's narrative, a San Augustine PD officer was dispatched to the 907 block of Holman Street in reference to someone dialing 911 repeatedly and talking incoherently to the dispatcher.

When the officer turned on to Holman Street from MLK Drive, he allegedly spotted Clifton in the middle of the road, shouting profanities.

'There were many small children around, and he was drawing a crowd," the officer wrote in his report.

The officer tried to talk to Clifton in an effort to get him to calm down, but the man, who "appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics," allegedly kept shouting things like, "[Expletive] you" and "[Expletive] y'all."

When the officer told Clifton to come to his patrol unit, the man refused, ran back into his yard, and sat in a chair, the report stated. Then Clifton allegedly started cursing at the officer. At one point, the officer told Clifton to stand up and put his hands behind his back.

When Clifton refused to comply, the officer tried to put handcuffs on him. "A fight ensued," and when the officer managed to break free, he pulled his Taser and ordered Clifton to the ground.

Clifton allegedly kept yelling, "[Expletive] you!" The report stated Clifton became very agitated after the officer gave him several commands to get on the ground and said, [Expletive} you! Tase me!"

The officer did just that, but the even though the Taser's prongs hit their mark, it malfunctioned.

According to the report, Clifton said, [Expletive] you! Tase me again; just don't hit me in the face."

After the officer deployed his Taser a second time, Clifton fell to the ground. However, Clifton allegedly continued to refuse to comply with the officer's orders, so he was given a "follow-up shock."

The officer rolled Clifton onto his side, and the man allegedly spat in the officer's face. By that time, a San Augustine County Sheriff's deputy had arrived on the scene to help. As they were moving Clifton toward the officer's patrol unit, he allegedly spat at the San Augustine PD officer again.

When they placed Clifton in the back seat of the patrol unit, he allegedly used both feet to kick the door, which struck the officer in the stomach and knocked the breath out of him.

According to the police report, Clifton was too combative to be taken to the hospital via an ambulance, so the officer transported him there in his patrol unit. As they were approaching the hospital, Clifton allegedly said, "I am going to get my gun and shoot your [expletive]."

After a doctor cleared Clifton for incarceration, he was transported to the San Augustine County Jail without further incident.

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