How 'undetermined' can be a good thing

The family of a Huntington man has been trying for 14 years to prove their son's death was not a suicide. And in 2014, they are happy that a judge has changed the cause of death to "undetermined." At 6, Leigha Hughes, who has been following this story for the past year, explains how that one word gives the family of Corey Wood some renewed hope.

Axe 'em! That's the theme this week as we get ready for the Lumberjacks return to the Big Dance! At 6, Donna McCollum explains how being one of 68 teams in the NCAA Tournament can mean so much for the university in the long-term.

And at 10, Caleb Beames sees if that one-vote differential in Shelby County still stands, as officials gather for a recount of more than 3,000 ballots, all to be counted by hand.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor