KidSafe and TxDOT partner up to make sure kids are buckled up safely

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - KidSafe and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) partnered on Wednesday for an education meeting at the Diboll ISD Education Center.

The event even featured a special visit from Buckle Bear, a loveable bear who teaches kids how to buckle up properly.

The focus of the event was to teach parents how to properly buckle kids into their car seats, and what type of car seats you need.

"The most important thing for them to know is that every seat should fit the child. It should be the seat that they use properly every time and the seat that works best with their car. Three out of four seats are used incorrectly so that's very important," said Allison Beck, the traffic safety specialist for TxDOT.

According to a press release, nearly nine out of 10 babies and toddlers ride in safety seats, and more than a quarter of those safety seats are being used incorrectly.

"Many times the children are put in the wrong seat or are put in the seat incorrectly, buckled  improperly so many times they are forward facing when they should be rear facing so it's just many misuse factors," Beck said.

The Lufkin district has reported 259 traffic fatalities with 9 of those killed not wearing a seat belt, the press release reads. Beck says making sure your kids are safe is incredibly important citing most parents don't even know when their kids need to be switched from a rear facing car seat to a front facing.

"They need to stay rear facing until the age of two years old and then they'll move up to forward facing. Every seat has a weight limit and they need to stay within those limits until they reach the next level," Beck said.

On Thursday, both organizations will host a free child safety seat event for anyone. It will be at the Diboll ISD Education Center located at 299 South Neil Pickett Dr.

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