The streets around William R. Johnson were surrounded in purple this morning as we sent off the SFA Lumberjacks, who are now on the way to sunny San Diego in a quest to win the NCAA championship. Donna McCollum was there today and tells you how the team's "adopted" family is especially excited.

The mood in Nacogdoches is much different than five years ago, the first time SFA went to the Big Dance. This year, experts feel the Lumberjacks are a true force to be reckoned with and some are picking them to make some noise in the tournament. Laura Sadler gets the team's reaction at 6.

The owner of Yates Media in Lufkin is preparing to face a jury of six of his peers in connection to a domestic disturbance in December. But that's just the start of his legal problems. Caleb Beames details the legal woes for Stephen Yates at 6.

It happened during a regular self breast exam. At 25 years old, Nacogdoches native Allyson Hancock said she did regular breast exams because both her mom and grandmother had breast cancer. But what she found, made her stomach drop.  A lump, she says, the size of a pea. And when she found out it was not only cancer, but a rare form, Allyson's world turned upside down. But as she tells  Michelle Reed, the second time she got cancer was the worst. That's coming up in tonight's installment of "Survivors" at 10.

Also at 10, find out why who some folks are saying is a contender in the 2016 presidential race is in Lufkin today.

We've been investigating the tragic story behind the DWI accident which killed victim Kevin Jones, as well as the intoxicated driver, Pedro Rodriguez, age 62, in our series, 40 Minutes Ago. Tonight, Melanie Torre brings you more on that story as she shares what the family of Rodriguez had to say about what they did, and did not, know about this tragedy, and how it has affected them. Join Melanie for that interview and new information tonight on East Texas News at 6 and 10 p.m.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor