City Council approves reconstruction for 20 Lufkin streets

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From cracks, to potholes, failures on the road means somereconstruction on 20 Lufkin streets.

Tuesday night the city council approved the 2014 Street Reconstruction Program.

"Based on the amountof failure in the street, pot holes, horizontal longitudinal cracking, rutting,"said Keith Wright, Deputy City Manager

The streets of Lufkin were walked by city staff anddistresses on the roads were recorded into the pavement management program. Theprogram then determines a pavement condition index number for each street.

"That pavementcondition index is from zero to 100, zero being the worst 100 best and wetarget streets 55 and below," said Wright.

With an index number of nine Mott Road was in the worstcondition and the average index number of roads is 36.

Deputy City Manager says the budget for the program was $600,000and $400,000 was divided among six city wards.

"We prioritize thosebased on working with the council member in that ward the amount of traffic theyhave, those types of issues. Its typically two, three or four streets per wardthat we're looking at," said Wright.

The other $200,000 was set aside to address some issues onAngelina Street but Wright says the extra money may help offset the city'ssales tax problem.

"We may want to holdthat money and address Angelina Street at a later time to overcome some of ourlosses due to sales tax, right now its six percent below what it was last year,"said Wright

The reconstruction is set to start in early spring ,when theweather is warmer and city officials hope to have everything completed bySeptember.

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