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Ted Cruz takes on tough questions from East Texans

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz took on some tough questions from East Texans when he spoke with a group of small business owners Wednesday in Tyler. 

Cruz took off his jacket and got comfortable with East Texans who wanted to know how he plans to turn around our nation's economy.

"The only people who can change this country are you," Cruz says, "That's what scares Washington. And listen, when politicians are terrified, liberty is never safer." 

Cruz told his father's story of coming to Texas from Cuba with $100, then going on to live the American dream; a dream Cruz says is fading.

"The American people are fed up with an administration that is violating the rights of people and is producing misery and stagnation," says Cruz.

Cruz told the crowd our country has seen hard times before and people pulled together to create change, "They looked up and said, 'What is happening to our country? We are losing the principles that made this country strong."

The audience heard his message.

"We have to get up and we have to do something; we can't just donate to a party or donate to a person," says Diane Rydzak, who attended Cruz's discussion.

Some shouted for Cruz to take President Obama's place. When asked about his former staff member who is running a PAC called "Draft Ted Cruz for President," Cruz said he was flattered. 

"It's encouraging to see the grassroots rising up, exercising their first amendment rights, and God bless them in that regard," Cruz says. 

He smiled at the thought but insists he is not involved in the "Run Ted Run" campaign. 

Cruz also answered questions about Russia and the Ukraine. He told the audience Vladimir Putin's invasion of the Ukraine is a direct consequence of a lack of U.S. leadership over the last five years. 

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